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The Selection

The Selection  - Kiera Cass Actual rating: 3.5

Like everyone else, the reason I read this book was because of its cover. It's gorgeous and eye-catching and I loooove it! Who doesn't anyway?

While reading this book, I couldn't help but think of The Hunger Games (I haven't seen The Bachelor yet). They may be in some ways similar, but I should say this doesn't involve killing the people you compete with.

The story revolves around America Singer, a seventeen-year-old girl who, by the pressure of her family and her secret lover Aspenwho in the beginning of the story broke up with her, reluctantly joins the Selection, a competition for the crown and for the heart of the gorgeous Prince Maxon of Illea. Even though she is against it, America obeyed so as to give her family a chance to experience a life Fives weren't meant to have.

She then stays at the palace develops a close friendship with the Prince. Because of their closeness, America had a chance to get to know Prince Maxon even more, learning that he was a lot different from the person at first she thought him to be--boring, stiff, and a pervert. She then starts to like the Prince (slightly), but still she couldn't forget about her love for Aspen.

The characters were okay, some were likable and some were not. The heroine, America Singer--I like her. Besides her being a redhead, her strong-willed personality made me admire her. And then there's Prince Maxon--smart, attractive, and a true gentleman (IDK but while I was playing the book scenes in my head I imagined him to be Logan Lerman, only he's not a blonde like what the book describes). Who wouldn't like him? And of course Aspen. I can't blame him for feeling insecure but I really don't like him. Obviously I'm Team Maxon!

The book was great though quite predictable. It was a fast, enjoyable read, but for me it lacked something. Maybe I was looking for more conflict or action. The rebels occasionally invading the palace seems not enough. I know this book is more of a love story but I think there should be something more exciting besides those kisses, hugs, and cheesy lines.