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We Were Liars

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart 3.5


Edit (08.12.14)

I read E. Lockhart's We Were Liars out of curiosity. It had a lot of hype online with so many great reviews like "OHMYFREAKINGOSH THE ENDING BLEW ME AWAY" or "THIS BOOK BROKE MY HEART AND I JUST CAN'T STOP CRYING *sobs*" and so on. The synopsis also had this one intriguing line that will definitely catch any Sherlock or Poirot fan's attention: And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE. Because mysteries with great plot twists are my cup of tea, I decided to give this book a try.

When I started reading it, I had high expectations, hoping that this one would blow my mind like best-selling mysteries [b:And Then There Were None|16299|And Then There Were None|Agatha Christie|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1391120695s/16299.jpg|3038872] and [b:The Murder of Roger Ackroyd|1910840|The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd (Agatha Christie Comic Strip)|Bruno Lachard|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347377036s/1910840.jpg|15945461] did. It wasn't as good as the two, but this book gave me the feeling that I don't want to stop reading and I want to find out what is going on. I was thrilled as each chapter threw more and more questions in my head: Why is that? Why did that happen? Is she..? Did he..? What if..? For me, it was like solving a puzzle or a detective mystery: the closer you get to finishing it, the more exciting it gets. But you know what the difference is? Solving a puzzle gives you satisfaction. This book doesn't.

I would have given We Were Liars a rating of 5 stars if it weren't for the lame ending. In my opinion, it was the 'plot twist' that ruined it all. Everything was just perfect, too perfect until it turns out that all of it was a hallucination and Johnny and Mirren and Gat including the two dogs were all dead because of a fire they had started and Cady thinks it was her fault because she was the only one who survived and tadaaah! MIND-BLOWN!! This even would've become one of my favorite books if the twist (I actually saw it coming) was something creative and more shocking, but I just find it meh. And I don't know why everyone else seems to be crying over this one; I just don't find it heart-breaking in any way. Yes, what happened in the end was sad, but it's not like something that will make me cry.

I want to commend the author though, for her very unique writing style. While some find it disturbing, I think it is perfect and suits the story's mysterious theme pretty well.