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Insurgent  - Veronica Roth Finished: Oct. 30, 2012, 2:09 am

Okay... I'm going to make this review as short as possible. I'm getting sleepy. *yawns*

First, I would like to thank the author, Veronica Roth, for making such an amazing trilogy for me to be in love with.

Before reading it, I thought I wouldn't like it much because of the reviews I've read about Insurgent not being as good as Divergent. (I even thought of no buying it, partly because of the price, haha.) But I'm completely wrong. Not only did I like this book, I loved it.

Tris and Four stays in the Amity compound, for the Dauntless Headquarters was already in chaos. A lot of the Dauntless and Abnegation have lost their homes. Some of the Dauntless turned out to be working for Erudite, particularly for Jeanine Matthews, Erudite's faction leader. Tris and Tobias sets off on a mission to stop Erudite's plan to control other factions and destroy the people who can't be controlled--the Divergent.

And ugh, the ending blew me up. Nothing would be more disappointing than reading a book with a cliffhanger in it and the next book in the series isn't released yet. You understand my feelings, right?

What I like: the characters, the concept of the story, the conflicts, unexpected betrayals, and most of all, the surprises in every chapter.

All I have left to say is, Expect the unexpected. You won't regret reading this book.

Oh my, it's already 3:00 am--exact. o_O I should sleep now. Good night. *shudders*

Reread - November 1, 2013 1:06 am
~I'd still give it five stars. Roth is a genius.